Flannel Bedding Is Great For Cold-Weather Sports Lovers

For us down south, we don’t really know too much about hockey because all of the good hockey teams are up north. I grew up being a Houston Aeros fan but none of my friends could really get into hockey because they were too busy watching football or baseball. When the Houston Oilers left Texas back in the 90’s, they left a void for sports junkies and hockey did increase a little bit in popularity. But, since it doesn’t exactly freeze in Houston, there aren’t many places to go ice skating in the winter besides the Galleria or the Aerodrome in Sugar Land. In the north, just about every lake turns into an awesome place to play hockey so it is only natural that kids take up hockey sticks and battle it out on the ice. Us Texans, though, aren’t hockey lovers.


It’s amazing how many different types of hockey there actually is, though. Not all of the different types need ice. For instance, field hockey can be played on gravel, sand, grass, turf or even mud. The possibilities are endless and I believe it’s time things changed when it comes to sports in Texas schools. Field hockey would be a great sport because most schools already have the grass fields from other sports such as soccer, baseball, and football. In the winter time if there are lakes that freeze, the schools could even use them to play hockey. Not many people understand that it really is that easy to do. It only takes will to get into hockey.


A buddy of mine once told me about how he actually fell through the ice when he was ice skating one day up north. It wasn’t for a few minutes that his friends actually ended up realizing what happened. Luckily, they were skilled and knew what to do. His other friend low-crawled out onto the ice with a big branch and after a pretty scary-looking scene, he managed to reach the branch to his friend who grabbed it and was able to pull himself out. He mentioned that he was really lucky that his mom had decked his bed out with Olympic queen sheets she got from BestBedding.com. They kept him warm and cozy and he spent the rest of the day in bed staying warm in his sheets. I think anyone who appreciates cold-weather sports should have some good bedding to keep you warm and toasty in bed. If it wasn’t for things like flannel, feathers or goose down, there would not be a lot of options for people to keep warm when they go to sleep.

Speaking of good bedding, my wife is going crazy in our bedroom right now. She’s pained the whole thing (well, had me paint it) in this really deep lavender color which I think is absolutely terrible. The bed is adorned with some really weird stuff she got from Bed Bath and Beyond that really clashes with the walls because the bedding itself is a strange yellow color. She says the contrast is supposed to be pleasing to the eye, but I don’t agree with her specific tastes. I think the bedroom looks terrible and one day while she is at work I am going to go in there any take it all down. Camouflage bedding, here I come! I think a nice wood trim with a Mossy Oak comforter would be nice. Perhaps I’ll even put on some nice black velvet sheets. There’s nothing better than great bedding on a cold winter nights and just about anyone can vouch for comfortable sleep.

She also spent quite a bit of money on our bedroom which is extremely frustrating since we are low on money as it is. The worst thing of all is that we are extremely uncomfortable since the flannel sheets are rough to the touch. There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable in a closed little room that makes you feel like you are going to throw up. Maybe I just need to do it one day, but I really don’t have the cojones. Never interfere with a woman and her decorating because she DEFINITELY be offended. I love women, but my wife can be a handful!

Bed sheets to enliven your bedroom

Are bland and outdated bed sheets in your house playing spoilsport in your otherwise aesthetic interiors? Bed sheets or bed linen is an integral part of any bed room. They reflect upon the personality and taste of the owner of any room. It is imperative that you go in for bed linen that not only matches with the interiors of your room, but is also compatible with your specific set of requirements. Bed sheets are available in myriad colors, designs, patterns, and fabrics. Select the bed sheets wisely. You can select from silky, soft or crisp sheets as per the occasion and season.

Below is the list of fabrics that will help you choose the best bed linen for your bedroom:

Cotton bed sheets

Cotton is a fabric that can be used throughout the year. This is the reason that most bed sheets are woven from cotton material. Egyptian and Supima are two softest cottons used to make bed sheets. Sheets are also made from blend of polyester and cotton material, but this variety of bed sheets is less comfortable as the fabric absorbs less moisture. Also, as these sheets are not entirely made of natural fabric, they tend to pill easily, and are less breathable. When choosing a cotton bed sheet, keep thread count and weave of the linen in mind.

Flannel bed sheets

This variety works great during the winter months, and come in handy in cooler climates as well. Unlike other sheets, flannel bed sheets are not measured by thread count, but by weight per square yard. While deciding on the flannel bed sheets, choose the one with more weight per square yard. Furthermore, if you do not want to compromise with the quality of the flannel bed sheets, choose the one with over 4 oz. per square yard.

Satin sheets

Satin sheets look great as a bed spread, and appeals to the eye. Woven fabric is the key here. Look carefully, if the satin bed sheet is knit or woven. Knit satin sheets may look shiny and butter smooth to touch. But do not deceived alone by looks. These knit satin sheets are uncomfortable to sleep on. Buy woven bed sheets, if you are looking for comfort plus the looks of luxurious bedding.

Jersey bed sheets

Although these are the recent entry to the world of bed linen, yet these bed sheets have risen to the top ranks in terms of popularity. These bed sheets are prone to pill easily, and are known for their stretchability and durability. Jersey bed sheets are being marketed as T-shirt sheets as these provide a feel of a cotton T-shirt. People who are looking for a bed sheet that is not as warm as a flannel, and not as cold as cotton bed sheet will find jersey bed sheets, the best alternative.

The best bedding is the one, which is comfortable, and looks million bucks in your bedroom. Your guests will be going gaga over the awesome patterns and colors of the bed linen. You, of course, will be a proud lot.

The Benefits of Buying Flannel Waterbed Sheets

Having a bed sheet is nice, but there are far more benefits of flannel waterbed sheets than any ordinary type of sheet. When choosing flannel for your type of bed sheet, you can get a much more customized type of cover, an all around more comfortable experience, and a sheet to fit your style. No matter what the case is, there is definitely one thing you can most say for sure and that is when choosing waterbed sheets, flannel is definitely a good choice!

Customized Flannel Waterbed Sheets

We all want to find a sheet that fits our needs, and with flannel waterbed sheets you can do just that. Whether you want a super soft and comfy cotton flannel waterbed sheet, or one made of luxury satin for that silky feel, it’s all about your personal preference. There is even a big variety of sizes and ones that fit certain levels of stretching and the one thing you can be for sure of is that when looking for flannel waterbed sheets, you’ll be able to find one that fits what you’re looking for and what you need. No matter how tall, short, big, or small you are, there is definitely a flannel waterbed sheet for you as there is such a wide variety of choices to choose from at Precious Bedding.

Comfort level of Flannel Waterbed Sheets

Finding an ideal comfort level of flannel waterbed sheets is much easier than you would think it would be, as mentioned previously due to the wide variety of customizing you can do, chances are you can fit your comfort level almost perfectly. With these types of waterbed sheets, you’ll be able to relax, read a book, or do anything really. After-all, why be stressed and uncomfortable in a bed, when you spend a minimal amount of money and get the ideal comfort you have been looking for all these years. Get that book out again and start reading with ease!

Stylish Flannel Waterbed Bedding

We all have a hard time figuring out what would match with our curtains, our rooms color, and many more other issues in relation to this, but with king flannel waterbed sheet sets that offer such a huge variety of types of sheets to choose from, we won’t have to worry anymore. We can choose from so many that we’ll finally be able to match just about everything in our room, and look good doing it. Friends, family, and others will be impressed with your tastes and you’ll have a smile on your face much more often!

When it comes to bed sheets, flannel is definitely a good choice in almost any circumstance. You need comfort, style, low cost, customization and more, then flannel is definitely the way to go to meed all your needs expectations, and then some! Get that comfort you always wanted so you can finally pop out a book and enjoy your free time with peace of mind that you never thought you could have when it comes to a sheet.

The Miracle Of Amazing Bedding

To the faithful, every day is full of miracles. To a logical eye, everything is just an infusion of science and maths or better still a coincidence. Most of you might have observed the war of words between the believers and non-believers, should an event with miraculous connotations happen. Well, a word of wisdom to the non-believers, Thou shall get thy destiny dictates (and it is no science.)

Believers in the acts of miracles have got every right to observe, feel, and speak what they have been experiencing. Science doesn’t flourish if we gag the mouth of those who believe in some supernatural powers. Does it? Miracles are a manifestation of the supernatural forces, which we address as the realm of God. There have many instances reported across the seven seas, where the incidents were out of the cognitive abilities of well developed mind’s faculties. Miracles happen when you just let the Almighty take control of your life. Do not push for things to happen, just let the things be. You will experience the helping hands of the Lord ferrying you across the vast sea of obstacles.

A telecast comes on a National Television showing a report on the survivors of a deadly earthquake hitting a certain city, which engulfed thousands of people, and grazed the city to the ground. Now pops out a head of a 1- year old kid from under debris, who had been lying there from past two days without water and food. He is the only survivor in the family. Now what would you call this? A work of science or a plain miracle. This event falls nothing short of a miracle.

Do try to read the events, even the simpler and mundane looking like eating, sleeping in your best bedding, writing, shopping, traveling or doing the regular errands. You will come to realize the power of miracles.

A beautiful quote by Carol Lynn Pearson in Consider the Butterfly will make you further understand the concept of miracles, “According to Vedanta, there are only two symptoms of enlightenment, just two indications that a transformation is taking place within you toward a higher consciousness. The first symptom is that you stop worrying. Things don’t bother you anymore. You become light-hearted and full of joy. The second symptom is that you encounter more and more meaningful coincidences in your life, more and more synchronizations. And this accelerates to the point where you actually experience the miraculous.”

You do not need to be a special one to observe miracles in your day to day affairs of life. I read the International bestseller novel, The Alchemist, written by Paulo Coelho many years back, and still each single word of the book is etched across my mind. The author is trying to infuse some common sense in each of us that miracles do happen, and they happen for a reason. One must try to comprehend the signs around oneself and you will see how the pieces start arranging themselves to form a beautiful picture.

Miracles Are Possible and Can Change Your Life

Everything on this earth is a miracle if you succeeded to unveil their specialties and get into the depth of their origin. Have you ever wondered how the smallest creatures can have all that a human body has? From little creatures to humans and large animals like elephants, every creation of god has a specific life cycle and way of existing and this is what separates each creature from others. The average 80,000 heartbeats of a person in a day is in itself a miracle whereas 3-trillion chemical reactions in human body each second can amaze you. And, good part is, God has done these miracles much before than your origin.

What exactly is miracle in the words of humans?

Miracles are something that you have never expected, but must be imploring for the same.  Whether we have perceived miracles as an episode of nature, an amazing verity of life, a small act of kindness or a remarkable healing from a serious disease, this miraculous part of life is always in the hands of god. When your prayers are deep and great, then you are blessed with the divine power of god and may experience the miracle. As god also helps his devotees in every stage of life, you can be the one closer to him simply by building your faith in him.

People often use the term “Miracle” in scriptural sense and by listening to tale traits, they recognize the difference between natural phenomenon and a miracle. In general, people do not look for miracles to happen and majority of them do not even believe in it. On the other hand, discipline plays a significant role for miracles to change your life and to maintain the discipline, your mind and body must be relaxed and calm. Perfect bedding can certainly bring peace to your body and mind. This is because, when have quality bedding items at home and take proper rest, it invigorates and fill in a new strength in you. However, affirmation works only if you believe in it.

What it brings to your mind?

The only word “Miracle” brings to your mind healings, synchronistic events, intuition, sudden insights and lots more. Definition of miracle varies with the person and his/her past experiences. In the year 2007, the world was shocked by an incident happened with a two-week old boy Woody Lander who died after 30 minutes of trial by doctors and then came  back to life after a while. After being declared dead, one of the nurses passed the little boy to heartbroken parents and pulled tubes from his mouth to enable parents meet their angel for the last time.

And, this was the moment when lifeless baby coughed all of sudden and breathed. The moment miracle happened, nurses immediately took the baby and re-attached the tube to save his life. Even the experts failed to unveil the reason that saved the life of little boy. This is how miracles change your life and build your faith in god. God is the only creator of entire universe and brings miracle to your life as and when you are insistently in need of it.